About Us
Ole Pioneer's Kitchen is a small business dedicated to a line of processed meat products for the delight of the discriminating consumer.  OPK has been in business since July 2005, inspired by old recipes from our grandparents.  We follow our recipes with precision using fresh spices and prime cuts of meat to ensure the consistent flavor and high quality from our kitchen to yours.  Our sanitary guidelines won the approval of the Virginia Department of Agriculture for safety, processing, and workflow. 



Product History
Back in the old days of the Pioneer, pork was the meat of choice.  Pigs were easy to raise and almost the whole animal was utilized for food.  One man alone could butcher a two-hundred pounder by himself.  The meat was cured as quickly as possible to prevent spoilage.  In those days, refrigeration did not exist, therefore, some of the cuts had to be processed into cured hams and bacon.  What we know today as Boston Butt Pork Roast was then cured, smoked, and called Buckboard Bacon. 

We at Ole Pioneer's Kitchen use only Boston Butt Pork Roast for all our products.  We pride ourselves in offering processed meats with better ingredients, fresh and free of preservatives, to acheive a burst of flavor and superior quality in a reduced fat product delivered directly to your hands.  Enjoy!

* *  In the News * *

June 2011
Ole Pioneer's Kitchen was proud to be featured in an article in The Washington Examiner. 
Click HERE to read the full length article.

December 2009
Ole Pioneer's Kitchen has added two online markets for the convenience of our customers with pickup locations in the Northern Virginia and Richmond areas.  Click HERE to see the details.  Recently, an article was written about one of the markets we are involved with, on fredericksburg.com:

September 2009
Ole Pioneer's Kitchen was recently highlighted in a Fairfax Times article, "Chorizo With a Little Touch of Grace".   Click HERE to read the full length article. 

Summer 2009
Ole Pioneer's Kitchen has partnered with a native Italian chef in Richmond, Virginia, to bring fresh homemade pasta to the Metro area for the delight of its clients.

We are pioneers of the "eat fresh, eat healthy, eat local, eat homemade..." and made this decision based on those principles which characterized our mission statement. 

April 28, 2009
As an exciting new addition to the Great Falls Farmers Market, Ole Pioneer's Kitchen was featured in a recent article in the Great Falls Connection newspaper.  Click HERE to see the full article. 

Summer 2008
Mrs. Brock attended a Meat Processing Seminar at the Koch College in Kansas City, MO to refresh the dos and donts, to gain more knowledge, and to learn the latest techniques for the benefit of OPK customers.  More than 500 processors from 42 states and 23 foreign countries have attended the Koch College Meat Processing and Sausage Making Seminar. 

Alternating between the classroom and the fully equipped pilot plant, Mrs. Brock got hands-on experience with the personalized instruction from Koch’s professional instructors.  The experience was very gratifying.